Did Democrats Just Push Dewhurst Even Farther to the Top......Politics Really May Make Strange Bedfellows

Texas Democrats enticed retired General Ricardo Sanchez to run for the Democrat nomination for U.S. Senate in Texas; current Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is retiring.

There are a few interesting aspects of General Sanchez's recruitment:

  1. The Democrats recruited a military officer who oversaw the coalition forces in the Iraqi War.
  2. General Sanchez carried some burden, if not responsibility, for the conditions and detainment of enemy combatants in the Abu Gharib prison.
  3. The Democrats may have just substantially strengthened the primary candidacy of David Dewhurst.

Is it not gross hypocrisy by national and Texas Democrats to solicit the General who ran a huge part of the war in Iraq after viciously attacking President Bush and then Republican nominee McCain as "unfit for office", "traitors" and "war criminals"?

How can Democrats go back to their faithful troops (no pun intended) and now ask them to rally around the General who was on the ground running that war? Is the value of a Hispanic surname and military credentials so valuable to Democrat general election efforts in Texas that they'll sacrifice their integrity and political principles?

Imagine a general election campaign commercial using the photos from Abu Gharib, ouch.

The label Texas and national Democrats earned on this one is H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S.

In advancing General Sanchez did the Democrats just empower David Dewhurst, a statewide elected official (Lt. Governor), in the Republican primary?

Dewhurst just happens to have a few hundred million dollars in personal wealth.

In General Sanchez the Democrats seem to have produced a top-flight candidate (top-flight is a relative term in this case as no Democrats has won a statewide office in Texas since 1996). In advancing Gen. Sanchez, someone who could be considered a significant general election candidate, the Democrats may have actually aided Gov. Dewhurst's primary candidacy.

Since it's in the Democrat's interests that they trumpet the strength of Gen. Sanchez, they'relikely aiding Gov. Dewhurst's own primary narrative. It is a perfectly reasonable position for Mr. Dewhurst to take that Gen. Sanchez may present one of the most formidable general election candidates Texas Democrats have produced in some time.

As such, Republicans may need their nominee to come out of the primary and into the general election with the ability to instantly spend millions immediately after a primary election and likely run-off election. Preying on Republican Primary voter's fears that they may fear lose the general election to a Democrat could aid Mr. Dewhurst's primary candidacy.

Curiously, Gov. Dewhurst's primary campaign may have just gotten a boost from an unlikely source - the Democrats.

To unwind the spool further, Gen. Sanchez must get through a contested primary or the Democrats must keep others from running in their primary and that's no easy task. Gen. Sanchez is vulnerable in the Democrat primary for exactly because of his strengths in the general election - his military service and the perception of him being a political moderate.  The General's involvement in the Iraq war and Abu Gharib will severely weaken his candidacy in the primary, if he's challenged.

So in a strange twist Republican primaries contestants other than Dewhurst (of which there are at least four) may be secretly hoping for the quick demise of Gen. Sanchez primary effort to eliminate the likely Dewhurst narrative of the value of his personal wealth protecting the seat in the general election.

Meanwhile, state and national Democrat leaders will no doubt being trying to keep the Democrat primary free of other contestants to benefit General Sanchez. So, the state and national Democrat leaders will be helping another likely Republican in the primary - Lt. Gov. Dewhurst.

In a way it's a bit like saying Democrat establishment for Dewhurst and liberal activists for the other four Republican primary candidates.

Politics Really Does Makes Strange Bedfellows.