Obama Lied about the Deficit

"What my budget does is…that by the middle of this decade our annual spending will match our annual revenues. We will not be adding more to the national debt."

Candidate Barack Obama

Regardless of their political affiliation, Americans are increasingly concerned with the massive deficit spending in Washington and the accompanying national debt load. Aware of the impact such an approach would have on their own personal budgets, Americans realize that such an approach to finance is not indefinitely sustainable.

Reality Stranger Than Fiction?

With less than two weeks remaining in Texas’ legislative session (140 days every two years, so time is precious), the Texas Legislature is arguing whether or not noodling – the art of fishing with one’s hand, instead of the usual lure and pole – should be legalized and if it’s time to pass a law allowing restaurants to remove those posters of how to give the Heimlich maneuver.

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